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CFRW Autumn Winter 2020-2021

Sustainable fashion is the future! 

That's why CFRW wants to make sure you join this trend our garments are printed using direct to garment printing (DTG).

The technology we use makes our prints more sustainable by using less water and less energy, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Eco - Basic CFRW 3.0

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Basic Guava Velvet Bodycon Dress-dresses-clothesforrealwomen
Basic Guava Velvet Bodycon Dress
Guava Cotton Bodycon Dress-dresses-clothesforrealwomen
Guava Cotton Bodycon Dress
Guava Cotton Bodycon Dress Basic-dresses-clothesforrealwomen
Guava Cotton Bodycon Dress Basic
Basic Turtleneck Maxi Dress-dresses-clothesforrealwomen
Basic Turtleneck Maxi Dress
Guava Quarter Sleeve Midi Velour Bodycon Dress-dresses-clothesforrealwomen
Guava Velvet Skater Dress-dresses-clothesforrealwomen
Guava Velvet Skater Dress
Guava Wrestling Singlet-workout-and-training-shirts-clothesforrealwomen
Guava Wrestling Singlet
Guava Camisole Leotard-FullDress-clothesforrealwomen
Guava Camisole Leotard
Guava Unisex Sweatshirt-clothesforrealwomen
Guava Unisex Sweatshirt
From €46,18
Basic Guava Joggers-clothesforrealwomen
Basic Guava Joggers
From €54,54
Basic Guava Velvet Midi Pencil Skirt-skirts-clothesforrealwomen
Basic Midi Pencil Skirt-skirts-clothesforrealwomen
Basic Midi Pencil Skirt